Monday, August 15, 2011

from TGH, with love

assalamualaikum sayang sayang sekalian :)

how quick time flies. today is the 15th day of ramadhan. hope everyone is doing fantastic. here's a quick updates (real quick)

1. started working on 4th August. i would not complain about the long hours, because that what i have prepared my mind with. currently doing paediatric posting. in love with the babies but not the kids. they will kick or slap you real hard when you try to get the blood from them.

2. i live in my own world before. i was quite surprised to see the number of malnourished babies here. seeing them at a glance, one might thought they are from africa. marasmus, kwashiorkor is part of the problem list in almost 2/3 of the patients i have seen. or at least malnutrition. we are busy constructing new malls, but the poverty stricken area are still left behind, neglected.

3. one more hot news is, will be oncall on hari raya. amazing right? that will be my first and last oncall since the current system will be replaced by shift system starting this 1st september. say good bye to sleep-deprived days and eye bags! :)

4. some people said, first borns will be very bossy that everything must go in their ways. kinda agree. but, as an adult, we surely can think when to rationalize things and act the way we should. to ask people to do something, is an art :)

5. i lost 2kg in 2 months! :D :D :D

selamat berpuasa everyone.

___ [x] if everything goes well, i might see you soon. [x] ___


Saturday, July 30, 2011

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”

omg. i am seriously sorry for abandoning this blog. it's not because i have forgotten about it. i have so many things to share, so many amazing stories to tell, well maybe not that interesting to you but it is FOR ME, but i am just LAZY.

how are you, darlings?

here's a quick update.

1. amy winehouse.

+ i remember liking 'rehab' straight away.

+ had fun saying no, no, no..

+ falling in love with thick black eyeliners <3

depression is a bitch. i was hoping tht u'd face it and bounce back. RIP.

2. mohd ashraf abd aziz @ aleesha farhana - al-fatihah.

+ and again, i don't think anyone has e right to judge a person and make fun over her death. yes, her. now let's just let her rest in peace. al-fatihah.

___ [x] if everything goes well, i might see you soon. [x] ___


Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's official!

Hello peeps! How is everyone doing?
First and foremost, my apology for not updating so long. Now that i have all the time of my life, i will update this blog as much as i can. pinky promise :P

1. alhamdulillah, praises to Allah. now, i am officially unemployed wooohoooooo! nothing can describe my feelings of gratitude and relief. 2 years of preparation and 5 years of medic school came to an end yesterday after all the suspense finally answered with one phone call. it's official, im doctor jamiey now :)

2. the last one month was the hardest part of being in medic school. truly, if you ever want me to repeat that again, my answer would be no. haha.

3. there are certain people that, i think, without them, i would never go this far. thus, they deserve mentioning here for they are the real champions. my dad, who always believe in me whenever, me myself don't. my mom who prays non-stop for me, my siblings for they are the ones who lift me up whenever im at the lowest. last but not least my dear friends who always got my back, push me off my limits and inspired me in their very special way. thank you is the least i can say to all of you.

4. im still wondering why after the exams im so hyper that 5 hours sleep is enough. but during the exam, i feel like sleeping everytime i started flipping the first page of my book. ini setan punya keja la ni :D :D

5. what a bliss, woke up to penang warm weather with a smile, thinking that i have nothing to worry about for the next 1 month at least. who says being unemployed is not good? it's really calming :P

6. till then, enjoy this song. i dedicate this specially to my hommies and my friends yang berada di ireland sana :)

___ [x] if everything goes well, i might see you soon. [x] ___

very soon indeed :) cant wait to see you nyet-nyet :)


Monday, May 16, 2011

IF you can afford me.

when it comes to being punctual, you can count me out.
i am always late. fashionably late, of course :P

btw, hello darlings. hello MAY!

1. "justice has been done" - obama.
even without giving him the chance for a fair trial? yeah right. BOO YOU!

2. 7 more months to go. chambering is so tiring. i went to ranau last week and keningau dis week for some court trials. other than squeezing my brain and running here and there with my 4 inch heels, it was actually a very wonderful experience. but to be honest, i absopakingly can't wait for this to be over and done with.

3. "Money isn't everything, but at least it encourages relatives to stay in touch."

4. i really must learn how to say no. seriously, it's not that easy especially if you are as sweet as i am :P "narimah, do this" ... "yes" .... umm, but come to think about it, don't you think that one should never ever bully the weak? like omg. is this karma? mannn! this sux!

5. speaking of being nice, why is it so hard for some people to be nice? i have mean thoughts all the time, to be honest. but i just choose to be nice. so i just don't get it when people can't say nice things. seriously, your ass should be really jealous of how much shit comes out of your mouth.

6. i'm grateful to be blessed with good genes :)

If you want me
The cherry on top
The pick of the pack
The crème de la crop
If you want me you beter do better than that tonight

___ [x] if everything goes well, i might see you soon. [x] ___

love always,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

x true love :)

hello darlings!


1. time flies really fast when u r super duper busy. and i hate it when i just don't have e time to blog. and when i do have the time, i'm on cityville instead. pbft.

2. anyways, lea came to visit me last weekend. it was a very enjoyable weekend. since i'm too lazy and hv e memory of a gold fish, why don't you just read lea's blog if u r interested. ngeh! oh wait. it wasn't last week. it was LAST, last week. my god. time does fly fast. soon, i'll b wrinkly and my boobs will sag. ok, let's just not go there. ewww. *takut, pls!*

3. if there's one day tht i did spend wisely, it would be e day when i went out with my yaya to watch HOP. but it was not abt the movie, you see. it was totally about spending time with someone precious to you and how, sometimes, just by sitting side by side - not even talking, could actually heal e heartaches.

4. oh wanna know what's disturbing my mind right now? the amount of drug cases tht we have in sabah as well as human trafficking. it's sad to know that most ppl turn to drugs for many reasons but often because drugs help them escape from reality, for a while. and as for human trafficking, i am seriously disturbed. i just don't get it. if there wasn’t any demand for e market, human trafficking would not even exist! what's happening to my beloved state now? hmm?

5. Quei giuramenti, quei profumi, quei baci infiniti, rinasceranno ♥
-those promises, those perfumes, those kisses, they will arrive again

I can't speak, I'm terrified
Cause if I say the wrong thing, You might see how hard i'm trying
Is this made up or true love?

___ [x] if everything goes well, i might see you soon. [x] ___

much love,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

jar of hearts

Hello everyone!

How are you? Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I had a good one, minus the part that we needed to wake up early in the saturday and sunday mornings to attend the ACLS course. So this is basically the wrap up of the activities ;)

1. Went to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, after I got tempted with so many good reviews. See, how easy people can influence me? But, it's worth my RM 8! I love the way the director actually swayed the emotions between two extreme ends. However, i think it would be more real if the scenes of penetrating wound injuries and stunts are reduced. too much of something is not good juga kan?

2. some people said, i don't have a life. NO. i just have a different life from theirs. If lepak mamak sampai 3 pagi what they called as life, sleep by 12am is my life. lol. i love sleeping more than anything else :P owh, food comes second. But, i don't mind crossing the borders between our lives at times, to have a peek into your life. easy kan?

3. Done with ACLS course! and i killed one patient. He was a 45 year old man waiting for a consultation suddenly collapsed, with deteriorating vital signs, cardiac monitor showed supraventricular tachycardia. Vagal monouvre did not work, so did 3 doses of Adenosine. Sooner, he became unstable and i did not cardiovert him. phew, luckily it was only a mannequin! But, really, it was stressful situation and to be honest, real life is harder than this.

4. will be attending a job interview this wednesday. and i haven't decided where exactly i would like to go. after all, it will be the government's decision to put me whenever they want. to be frank, i don't mind being put anywhere in malaysia, be it in the heart of a jungle to serve the orang asli, or small town like taiping maybe? but don't put me in a metropolitan city like KL. just simply cant stand the traffic jam :) not to mention the workload. haha!

5. okay till next time, take care everyone! enjoy her serak-serak basah voice :)

___ [x] if everything goes well, i might see you soon. [x] ___


Sunday, March 27, 2011

love, sex and magic.


ok this is so frustrating. there's so many things tht i wanna blog since last week and when i'm in front of my lappy, i sat for hours playing cityville. pbfft. zoning permits, anyone? pwish? ;)

1. course of etiquette - i am so effing lucky to be a sabahan. the course of etiquette was only for one day (eff saturday) from 8am - 5pm. and the test? whether you passed or failed it, you're still going to get the certificate. lol. and out of 23 students, only 6 passed the test. and me? bah nda paya cakaplah. i have a strong reason ahh. i set my alarm at 3 am to study (konon) but woke up around 7.40 am. i didn't even get to shower. all i could think of was 'please lah manusia-manusia kk, jangan drive macam siput menopos hari nih." i arrived fashionably late (as usual, being the diva me) and parked next to a javanese restaurant hoping that the traffic will not saman me (and yes, no saman for today. lucky kan?). the course was errr.. very interesting? could not concentrate much cos it was too cold. met new friends, some are way much more older than me and errr, ok i think there's only a few young chambees there. but but but, e best part was when my Master came to give a talk and said "N, is beautiful". lollollol. kthnxbye.

p.s ish, ish, ish. kalau x mandi pun BEAUTIFUL, what happens when i shower n put on my makeup? cehhh. :P

2. earth hour - thought of participating in it just now. got ready and wanted to go cruisin' around kk but you know lah, kita hanya merancang, Tuhan menentukan. i ended up sleeping with the lights and lappy on.

3. chickenpox - yaya's got it now. she called me when i was in the office so i drove to likas and picked her up. my mom told her not to scratch cos it'll leave marks. but you know lah. a politician's granddaughter will always know how to manipulate you into doing it for her so she won't feel guilty about it later. and like any other aunties who could not resist the cuteness of their niece, i fell for her tricks. like seriously, how could you not help scratch your niece's back when she told you that you look like Jennifer Lopez? :P

4. oh, wanna know what's driving me crazy lately? orang perasan pandai. okayh dude. ilmu itu daripada Tuhan ya. kau dan aku sama sahaja. so i tweet about it a few nights ago and i am soooooooooooo happy that he terasa. :)

"nda paya lah tnjuk pandai sgt. Nda jg dapat piala. Ko x boleh beza sarkastik dgn badut sarkas kah? Tgk cermin. Ya, itu badut sarkas."

his next tweet was:

"tinggi mana pun pelajaran, masuk dapur gak. lawa mana pun, llaki taknak kalau blagak sangat walau badut sarkas sekalipun"

=)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

5. Why do we take fun so seriously these days?

6. i love driving big cars. <3

7. "[13] Sepatutnya mereka (yang menuduh) membawa empat orang saksi membuktikan tuduhan itu. Oleh kerana mereka tidak mendatangkan empat orang saksi, maka mereka itu pada sisi hukum Allah, adalah orang-orang yang dusta. - An-Nur

8. do we hv timestamps over here? just for e record, i blogged at 5am on a sunday morning after listening to Beethoven's Midnight Sonata - ah, the heartache!

___ [x] if everything goes well, i might see you soon. [x] ___

love always,

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